How Indivisible groups around the country killed TrumpCare.


The fight to stop TrumpCare started almost immediately with the first town halls across the country (SEE: Tom Cotton). And, almost immediately, Republicans in Congress knew they had a big problem. Explore the timeline below to see just how it all played out and some of our favorite moments from the fight.


Over the July recess, Indivisible groups across the country...


Organized over 100 events to save our care across the nation.


Made 100,000 calls to their members of Congress.


Used our digital advocacy resources  over 170,000 times.

Now, turn up the volume (Song Courtesy Indivisible Martin).


In September, with expanded Organizing and Policy capacity, Indivisible groups kept at it.


Held over 170 coordinated events.


Increased visits to digital advocacy resources to 200,000.


Coordinated a targeted calling campaign into key states like Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and Alaska.

Calls to constituents more than tripled to over 320,000 as a result of greater promotion and training among groups by the organizing team.



And Indivisible influenced Democratic strategy.

Democratic leadership adopted our strategy of withholding consent on the TrumpCare fight in the Senate. Withholding consent is one of the few tools that Democrats have while in the minority. The tactic isn't enough to stop a bill completely, but it brings the process to a grinding halt. Indivisible's argument was that given how toxic the Affordable Care Act repeal bill was, drawing the process out would make it harder for Republican to succeed. Plus, given how rare it is for Democrats to use this tactic, it would have produced greater attention to ACA repeal efforts that were being drowned out by other headlines.

Still, Democrats were reluctant to withhold consent, even to save the ACA. It wasn't until Indivisible groups began directly pressuring Democratic leadership to adopt the strategy that they did. It was a pivotal moment in the fight to defend the ACA and wouldn’t have happened without pressure on Democrats, specifically on Schumer by our NY groups.


Explore the timeline of how we killed TrumpCare.


And that is how we killed the bill.