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We aren't the leaders of this movement. That title belongs to the thousands of groups standing indivisible across the nation. And thanks to people like you, 2017 was full of victories, capacity building, and imagining what's possible in 2018 and beyond. 

Together, we empowered a movement.

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First things first. We exist to serve the leaders of this movement: local Indivisible groups taking action on their home turf around the country.

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Uniquely Indivisible.

Indivisible fills a gap within the progressive advocacy and political space as a trusted source of information, providing a uniquely effective way to mobilize and resource hundreds of thousands of people in ways that complement the broader progressive movement.

In one year, [Indivisible has] become a powerful political force in this country. Democracy is under assault from Donald Trump and the Trump administration but at the very same moment, democracy is rewiring itself, and [Indivisible] is out there leading the charge. …Because that’s what Indivisible people do - we work hard, we fight, and we win.
— U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren
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